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A.C.E is an active platform with rich resources to provide students with the best choice to get access to Australia education and culture. The main services of our company can be divided into two parts where are study tour & Australian university application and educational and cultural exchange.

Educational and Cultural Exchange
游学教育服务 与 文化交流交换项目

A.C.E and Education Exchange has a wide range of study tour programs to give the Chinese students to an all-round insight into what the Western education is, how Australians study and what the life of international students is like. Students who join our programs will touch base on their future studying direction and what they need to prepare now with the help of our mentors. The programs can also be tailored according to interest, age, location, etc. Students of all backgrounds are welcome to join our big touring family.

ace educational service


Study Tour / Australian University Application

University application is always one of the most important process for students who are going to enter the next stage of studying. ACE Culture and Education Exchange team will fully respect the students’ wills with detailed discussion and list out the most appropriate options using our unique database. After specifying the universities of intention, ACE Culture and Education Exchange will initiate the application procedure and make a detailed studying plan with the student. Students of special difficulties such as those with meeting university entrance criteria will be given extra help with our expertise team. We promise to devote 100% effort to achieve the most desirable results for all the students.

ace educational service