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我們致力于帮助在澳的留学生和想来澳洲移民的人士提供居留的机会和创业创新的资源 。帮助你们更好的移居澳洲 Enquire Now | 咨询

Ace Entrepreneurs platform 中澳就业创业服务平台

Ace head quarters was originally established in Sydney. The Ace platform is primarily established for overseas students and new migrants.  Ace works very closely and successfully with research institutions and various large BUSSINESS entities in AUSTRALIA. This collaboration assists in the following services we provide which includes;
*Helping youth business innovation
*Collaborating with International businesses
*Assisting new migrants in start- up businesses
*Investing in Joint business ventures
*Helping overseas students gain valuable work experiences in Australia.

Ace provides varied and interesting professional activities.
Please join us, we would love to have you on-board. Ace entrepreneur plate form

Ace 創业,就业平台,总部设在澳洲悉尼,帮助留澳学生在澳洲创业, 就业提供机会,同时也帮創新産业提供交流平台。我们会定期举办交流活动,和各行业的领军人物交流,並和高校的研究所紧密结合。帮助刚毕业的同学提供工作经验和就业帮助,更好地..让留学生实现在澳洲居住的梦想。或回到自己的国家得到更好的工作岡位。

Our Services | 游学教育 服務項目

Our Related Business: Educational and Cultural Exchange
我们的相关产业: 游学教育 与 文化交流交换

A.C.E Culture and Education Exchange has a wide range of study tour programs to give the Chinese students to an all-round insight into what the Western education is, how Australians study and what the life of international students is like.


Study Tour & University Application
澳洲游学 与 学校申请项目

University application is always one of the most important process for students who are going to enter the next stage of studying. A.C.E Culture and Education Exchange will initiate the application procedure and make a detailed studying plan with the student.


Ace Entrepreneurs platform 中澳就业创业服务平台

Our headquarters are in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra in Australia; Hong Kong, Beijing, ShangDong, FuJian, ZheJiang, Guangzhou and Foshan in China. 以悉尼作为总部,中澳就业创业服务平台拥有总共十个中心,它们分别是澳大利亚的悉尼,墨尔本和堪培拉,以及中国的香港,北京,上东,福建,浙江,佛山和广州。

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